Cake leveler

  • This small cake leveler makes it easy to trim your cakes to just the right height
  • Includes blade setting guide
  • Material: Metal and plastic
  • 12 x 6.25 inches (3.4 x 15.8 centimeter)
  • Before first and after each use, clean with a soft, damp cloth

Even, leveled layers are the key to a gorgeous stacked cake. Our Wilton cake leveler is the quick and easy way to create even cake layers, consistent in height. The sturdy adjustable blade slices smoothly through cakes for perfect leveling and torting. The easy-adjustment grips and clearly defined height markers cut each cake the right height in just one pass. The plastic feet provide stability to keep an even cut all the way through, making this small leveler perfect for cakes 10 inches and smaller.


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